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  DEFIANT is an Experienced Casual Alliance raiding guild on the Kael`Thas server. Our mission is to explore and complete WOTLK endgame content (10-man and 25-man) and to excel in Arena and Battlegrounds. We strive to maintain a guild attitude of mutual respect and appreciation in all respects of gameplay. Most of our members are working adults with families who live on or near the Eastern Coast of the U.S. We are seeking other mature players who can Play each week to learn how to succeed at endgame raiding on Kael`Thas. This is not Mandatory in any way . We are Interested in the Casual Player  as well as the Hardcore Raider.We are especially interested in players with nonconventional specs (ret paladins, balance druids, fury warriors etc) that are interested in pushing the limits of their class in endgame content ,without making a second job out of it....

DEFIANT is seeking Raiders and Casual Players who want to share a friendly gaming experience in WOTLK endgame content . Raiding in endgame content is a guild effort and we are looking for players who want to be members of a team. Raiding often involves extended periods of wiping on a boss while the entire team learns the appropriate strategy. We expect our Raiders to maintain a positive attitude in the face of high  repair/consumable bills. We are looking for players who understand that gear from endgame raids is awarded to the entire Team, not to individual players. We are looking for players who are able to discuss their play style with other knowledgeable players to help improve their performance without a defensive attitude. Finally, we are looking for players that are adaptive and responsive to unique situations. Many endgame boss fights require players to explore skills and positioning that they have never used before in 5-man content. We expect our players to adapt to the demands of the raid zone to ensure team success.

DEFIANT offers an established guild structure and schedule that will help you explore endgame content while tackling a hectic RL work schedule and family responsibilities. Our Raid Leaders and Class Leaders extensively research the strategies and class expectations for each WoW zone and will help you maximize your performance in this aspect of the game.

Lastly,DEFIANT offers you a place to relax and enjoy WoW with a group of friends that strive to help each other succeed in the game with all the resources (both real and virtual) at their disposal.

If you think DEFIANT might be the right place for you, please click on Apply to DEFIANT at the top of the page and tell us a little about yourself. If you have no account ,CLICK "New User" at the Top of the Page.Thanks ! 

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